ORVIS HELIOS 4 FLY ROD REVIEW: Is it Really 4x Better?


As one fly shop touted, “The Eagle Has Landed.” That’s right, the much-whispered-about and anticipated 4th generation of Orvis’ flagship rod is now available. You can find a list of videos with lead designer, Shawn Combs, talking about the innovation and technology that has gone into these beauties. There’s lots of talk about things like science, material technology, durability, hoop strength, oscillation, accuracy, tracking, etc. Their core marketing message is that this rod is 4 times better than the previous generation of Helios rod. In fact, Orvis goes as far as to say they have developed the “best rod in the world.” Have they? Maybe. But will all of that innovation really lead to more success on the water? Well, that depends.

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3 comments on “ORVIS HELIOS 4 FLY ROD REVIEW: Is it Really 4x Better?

  1. Bill Miller Feb 12, 2024

    Years ago when I was learning to flycast, Lefty Kreh stated that it was not the equipment but operator skill that mattered most. He proceeded to back up his claim by making beautiful casts with just his arm – no rod.

    Maybe if I was a tournament level caster a Helios flyrod would be worth it to me, but I am not in that league. I won’t be getting a Helios (or other premium rod for that matter).

  2. Phil Stevens Feb 14, 2024

    That was a terrific article and I am one of those anglers who always needs guidance on my casting. While my casts are, in my opinion, above the $100 level I still need guidance and practice to improve my existing abilities. Therefore, for the time being, I will leave the Helios 4 in the rack at the fly shop.

  3. Well said.