GUADALUPE RIVER TROUT ANGLING: Setting yourself up to win.


I recently went wade fishing with my friend, Steve Ramirez, on the Guadalupe River Tailwater. It looked like the San Juan in July out there that day with most of the usual “spots” already playing host to more than one angler. So when we came upon a run with just one fly fisher standing near the head with lots of run, and Texas Trout, left beyond his longest drifts, we asked if we could fish along side (that reminds me, good river etiquette is another bit of learning that would be a good bit of supplementary education for most self-taught fly anglers). He graciously invited us and we made the usual small talk—‘what a lovely day,’ ‘where are you from,’ ‘how’s the fishing,’ etc. He said he had a taker or two a while ago that he missed or couldn’t keep hooked up and nothing since. That’s okay, we call it fishing not catching for a reason, right? And it really was a beautiful day.

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