GEAR REVIEW: First Take on the Titanium Nano from Firebox Stoves


Well, I was gonna make stuffed bell peppers for dinner, but an evening by the campfire was calling, and so was my new Firebox Stove Titanium Nano! So I just chopped everything up and made a skillet out of it! I’m sure using cast iron (even a small dutch oven like this one) is pushing the bounds of intended use based on weight, but it worked like a champ…in this case, I used the Trangia burner so I could just relax and control the simmer a little easier than wood.

I’ve only had this thing a week, and I’m totally blown away by how strong, portable, versatile, and LIGHT it is! Every dang detail of this baby is so well thought out. You can tell it was designed by someone passionate about creating a great tool who has spent tons of time using and testing it in the field. I’m a big fan of multi-purpose gear, and while this is obviously for the purpose of cooking, I love the multiple fuel and set-up options that mean I’m ready for any food prep situation we may find ourselves in. From boiling water for a quick cup of coffee or backpacking meal while hiking or on tour, to prepping more substantial meals at our basecamp or van-camp site, to throwing it in my daypack along with a little skillet in case things get fishy and have the option of a shore lunch.

I like gear, sure, but it’s been a while since I was this stoked about a new addition to my kit! Stay tuned for a future, more in-depth discussion about the HUGE Nano as I put it through the paces.

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