An Indiana Spring Evening


A lovely Spring sunset lights the web of a bowl-and-dolly spider somewhere in the Hoosier National Forest. The forecast called for rain but we were given reprieve, if temporarily. So another campfire was in order. The moon in the southern sky put on quite a show…the pic, as always, does it no justice. It was the thin toenail-shaped beginning of a waxing cycle but with that halo glow that almost suggests a lunar eclipse.

The clouds where doing their part to paint the canvas of twilight as well while the treetops provided a foundation that seemed to simultaneously prop it up and anchor it down. As a pair of Barred Owls called to each other over the song of the frogs and the whippoorwill sang in the distance, we caught a glimpse of the big dipper before those clouds made their lazy way across the sky to obscure our view and turned our attention back to the glow of the fire dancing at our feet.

And then, marshmallows…I swear they taste better roasted on a stick you whittle yourself.

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