Keiryu Rod Co INYO Fixed-Line Fly Fishing Rod



Meet the “5-WEIGHT” of fixed line fly fishing. Longer reach, bigger fish, more options.

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Big Brother to Ansel and a Long Time Coming

The Inyo was designed as the big brother to the Ansel (both names come from the Eastern Sierra were the concept for both rods was originated). While the idea was to introduce both at nearly the same time, the Inyo took longer to perfect (to our surprise). Longer, in fact, than any of our other rods…but we’re quite happy with the results!

A Tenkara Rod The Does More

At first glance, the Inyo looks just like a Tenkara rod. This is especially true given the handle. We added cork, in part due to its familiarity with the fixed line community and traditional western anglers. But also because it helped balance the rod and provided for unique grip positions.

The Inyo is designed to do more than a traditional Tenkara because of its excellent nymphing qualities combined with its ability to cast traditional floating lines for high performance dry fly fishing. The action was tweaked extensively to achieve this, along with the length of the sections (which were lengthened beyond the original concept to get to the right flex required).

If you want a rod that excels at nymphing and getting positive strikes in pocket water, but you don’t want to sacrifice the ability to dry fly, then the Inyo is the rod for you.

Specs & Action


  • In the Inyo is 12.3 feet long, weighs 3.4 ounces (with no plug), and collapses to 25.5 inches.

Fast Action

  • The Inyo is a fast action rod with a Rod Flex Index of 7.5 (the fast action range is 6.6 – 8.5), with a CCS rating of 28 pennies. Find out more about RFI and CCS here. The result is a rod that is fast action but NOT so stiff as too as to make it less worthy when casting lighter presentations.

  • The Inyo comes with a non-rotating lillian but a rotating lillian is available. Click here.

Handle Grip

  • The handle allows for a variety of grip options. One option we recommend is to grip the rod at the top of the handle, this helps balance the rod and aids in casting. It also allows for “hooking” the bottom section under the forearm for better fish-fighting leverage.

Tippet Rating & Fish Capability

  • The tippet rating is 6X – 4.5X. The Inyo has the backbone to generate positive strikes in deeper pocket water and control larger fish (in the 4-6 lb. range). The Inyo is a tough rod and keeping the sections to a minimum (7) resulted in stronger wall flexibility and durability.

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