My sister was almost 8 years younger than I, and the nearest neighbor lived a half mile away, with no children. So for much of my childhood into my early teens, my imagination and curiosity were my most reliable playmates. And the three of us found so much to work with as we trail traipsed, tree climbed and creek stomped. It was a magical world, and it felt like it was all mine. The trees became so familiar to me, I began to think of them as the most reliable of friends. When my heart was heavy, I’d perch on the stump of one of their fallen and unburden myself. They just listened. In search of answers? I’d speak my quandary into the the wind we shared and wait for the answer. It almost always came, like the softest of whispers. Likewise, the stately stand served as audience for some of my earliest concerts. No matter my reason for heading into the wild, heading out, I always felt lighter and more centered. At the time I understood none of that, aware only of the draw I experienced.

I unwittingly walked away from that bliss when I went to college, a small town girl in search of a bigger life in a broad world. And I didn’t rediscover it until moving to Southern Indiana in my 30s. It was there that I began to explore again, to really breathe. And it was there that I first wrapped my little paw around the grip of a fly rod. Since, that little 4wt has become a kind of magic wand to me over time. The years since have seen me touring the country and trekking into just about every nook and cranny of nature I could find along the way. There is something transformative about communing with the earth in her birthday suit. And while it took me a while to realize it, when I hike a trail, wade a river, or paddle a creek, what I’m truly after is something far deeper than the surface of the water or the trail beneath my feet. I’m fishing for Zen. That’s what this blog and podcast is and will be all about…the quest to discover more about what is inside of us by seeking that connectedness, that Zen, in the wonder that is outside

I’ll do that through sharing stories, through interviews and discussions with some of the interesting folks I have met and will continue to meet along the journey, by learning more about the natural world around us, and exploring the inside world of mind and spirit as well. If you’ve enjoyed reading/listening, please consider subscribing to the podcast and signing up to get written stories delivered right to your inbox so you don’t miss a thing. But most importantly, I hope this story and the ones to come will inspire you to chase your own bliss in the arms of mother nature. 

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