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SPOILER ALERT! It’s not the fly rod…


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Wanna cast farther? Wanna beat the wind? Wanna spend more time fishing and less untangling your fly from the grass or brush? There’s only one way make that happen, and it’s not a new fly rod. It’s becoming a better caster.

It can be quite tempting to blame the equipment for lackluster results on the water. Don’t give in to the temptation. A caster with solid technique can make casts that perform, even with a sub-standard rod. Conversely, while some are more forgiving than others, even the world’s best fly rod can’t cover all the sins of a poorly-made cast. Before you drop another dime on improved equipment, why not invest in making yourself an improved caster?

If you believe you understand the basics of fly casting but want to take it to the next level to achieve better distance, delivery, wind performance and consistency, this series is for you. Whether you are looking to improve your results overall, tighten up your loops, or fix known problem areas. We’ll start with an assessment, and work together to give you the tools, techniques, and practices to significantly enhance your fly fishing enjoyment and to get the most out of the investment you have already made in your equipment.

Basic package includes:

  • All equipment and terminal tackle necessary for instruction
  • 4 1-hour sessions of instruction (including casting skills assessment)

Premium package includes

  • everything in basic package plus:
  • 1 3-hour “guide-ucation” trip to fish with an instructor




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