I’m new to fly fishing, which instruction package is right for me?


First let me say that ANY option would be a good start. It really depends on your budget and how much help you think you might need.

Private Beginner Fly Fishing Bootcamp -Premium: This is my flagship offering designed to “set you up to win” as you begin your fly fishing journey. If you want to go from zero or very little knowledge and skill to being able to go out and fish independently with the greatest chance of success, our Premium Beginner Bootcamp is really the bees knees. It includes the same 4 hours of instruction as my Complete package covering everything you need to know to get started PLUS 3 hours of mentored fly fishing so you can begin put it all together on the water. Upon completion, many of my students consider this a key component to preparing them to head out on their own with confidence! Click HERE for more detail.

Private Beginner Bootcamp – Complete: Everything you need to know to get on the water for about the price of a 1/2 day of guided fishing. This is a great, budget-minded option that includes the same 4 hours of instruction in the Premium package sans the mentored fishing. If you still want the benefit of personal instruction and feel confident that you can translate that skills training to an on-water scenario on your own, this is the package for you.

Private Fly Casting/Fishing Lessons: Perhaps you’ve had a little experience already, are looking for help with a specific aspect of casting or fishing, want to target a new species or try a new technique. While our packages offer better value for those looking for more wholistic assistance, even an hour or two with an instructor can go a long way.

If, after reading this, you still have questions, I’d love to talk with you. Just send an email to cari@zenflyfishing.org to request a call back and I’ll get back to you – usually within 24 hours. You can also check out other FAQs here.

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