What Flies Do I Need to Start Fly Fishing in Central Texas?


Are there great flies left out of this list? Yes, that’s kinda the point. 😉 When you begin to find success consistently with this selection, you’re probably ready to add additional and more specialized flies to your box.

WOOLY BUGGER (Black, Olive, Rust/Brown, sizes 12-6): If you could only carry or afford one fly, this is it. This fly represents swimming prey—from fry to leeches to crayfish. Drift it, swim it, twitch it, or creep it across the bottom depending on conditions.
CLOUSER MINNOW (White & Chartreuse/White, sizes 8-6): Picking up where the bugger leaves of, this is pattern more specifically represents a baitfish.

FOAM ANT (sizes 14 , 12): Floating ants fish well Spring through Fall and can even be effective on warm and/or sunny winter days. They will work drifted nearly anywhere in moving water, but for best results and still water, fish them near banks with grasses or overhanging vegetation.
TAN OR YELLOW HOPPER (sizes 12, 8, 6): Texas has a long and glorious hopper season! You can buy additional sizes as well, but these should cover panfish to medium sized bass.
POPPER (sizes 10, 6): It’s nice to have an option that creates a little disturbance on the surface to attract these predatory fish.

If, after reading this, you still have questions, I’d love to talk with you. Just send an email to cari@zenflyfishing.org to request a call back and I’ll get back to you – usually within 24 hours. You can also check out other FAQs here

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